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Employers / Job Seekers

The NC Division of Workforce Solutions helps North Carolina’s job seekers find employment and businesses find workers.

The following services are offered to employers: (including, but not limited to) job listings, professional screening, testing services, account executives, federal contractor assistance, sole source agreements, employer technical services, employer networking, tax savings, no fault policy and labor marketing information. For more details visit NCWorks Online and click the “Employers” tab.

Job seekers can register with NCWorks Online to apply for jobs, seek training opportunities, and learn what they need to do to advance their careers. Find your NCWorks Career Center and set up an appointment. NCWorks also offers a mobile app for job seekers to find employment. The app allows users to apply for jobs, compare their skills to job requirements, and find training opportunities. It also allows users to learn more about a career through wage and employment projections. The app is free to download for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. NC Division Workforce Solutions operates the NCWorks app.

NCWorks Career Center – Rutherford County
223 Charlotte Road 
Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Phone: (828) 286-3042
Fax: (828) 286-3326
Email: ncworks.3600@nccommerce.com

Employers are increasingly concerned with ensuring that both potential and incumbent employees have the skills necessary to thrive in today’s workplace. More than 80 percent of all jobs are projected to require skills beyond those earned in high school by 2010. 

The North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is a portable skills credential that provides an employer a good snapshot of the employability skills of a potential hiring candidate. Assessments must be taken in three areas: 1. Reading for Information, 2. Applied Mathematics, and 3. Locating Information. (Click here for an explanation of assessment levels.)

A Career Readiness Certificate will also:

  • Identify skills and competencies for jobs
  • Identify skills gaps and guides training decisions
  • Be EEOC and ADA compliant
  • Be an assessment (not an aptitude test) which means skills can be learned to raise the assessment scores
  • Supplement, not  replace other credentials
  • Demonstrate skills levels of individuals (and geographic areas) in a cost-effective way
  • Be useful to people of all ages and in all career pathways
  • Be necessary because of permanent changes in the workplace and in worker requirements
For employers, the CRC offers a reliable means of determining whether a potential employee has the necessary literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills to be “job ready.” 

  • Reduces turnover and overtime
  • Takes the guesswork out of the selection process
  • Improves the effectiveness of training dollars
  • Streamlines hiring by including a preferred certificate level in job postings
  • Meets EEOC requirements
For job seekers, the CRC serves as a portable credential that can be more meaningful to employers than a high school degree or a resume citing experience in a different job setting.

  • Gives an advantage over jobs applicants who have not demonstrated needed skills
  • Determines skill improvement and training needs
  • Builds confidence that skills meet the needs of local employers
  • Enhances employability with a portable skills credential
The CRC is based upon WorkKeys®, a nationally recognized, skills assessment tool developed by ACT Inc.