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Labor Information


   Current and historic civilian labor force statistics for Rutherford County, NC (2000-Current)

- Labor Force & Number (#) Employed
Number (#) Unemployed
- Percent (%) Unemployment
- Top 25 Employers
- Manufacturing Directory


  Rutherford County Occupational Employment and Wages - Annual - 2011

The report above provides you with number of employees and entry level, average (mean), median and experienced wage information for the most recent quarter as reported by the North Carolina Employment Security Commission using Bureau of Labor Standards guidelines.

  Rutherford County Wage and Employment Report Combined data for 2010-1990 - pdf 

Annual Wage and Employment Report - Rutherford County, NC
2010, 2009, 2008, 20072006, 200520042003200220012000
1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990    

Rutherford County EDC can provide detailed and specific wage and/or workforce information for your client / project for a variety of geographies such as the county, workforce region, mileage or drivetime radius.  Click on "Contact Us" or call us at 828-248-1716.


 Labor Availability Report - November, 2007 (Compiled & Prepared by THE PATHFINDERS) 

  • The Rutherford County area, referred to as the "labor shed", has a population of approximately 418,200.  
  • This labor shed has a civilian labor force of approximately 208,100.  
  • The labor shed has a pool of approximately 11,400 unemployed persons who are actively seeking work. 
  • A new employer will be able to attract employees from an additional pool of about 8,800 potentially available workers.  These individuals are currently employed and have indicated an interest in changing jobs.  
  • These potentially available workers are referred to tin this report as the "underemployed" because they appear to possess the skills, experience, and education to qualify them for the pay rates at which they would take a new job.  
  • The desired pay rates of these underemployed workers are reasonable when compared to their existing pay rates.  The median current pay rate of the underemployed workers is $11.40 per hour, and the median desired pay rate of the underemployed workers is $13.20 per hour. 
  • About 25% of the underemployed workers would take a new job for $10.30 per hour or less.  At the upper end, the 25% most qualified and experienced will command $18.00 per hour.
  • Roughly 3,200 people, neither employed nor seeking work, might reenter the workforce for the proper job.  
  • In total, the Rutherford County area has 23,400 available workers for new or expanding businesses.

Taken from "The Rutherford County, North Carolina Area Workforce Report" November, 2007" by The Pathfinders:

The Pathfinders functions as a site-selection consultant to many of America's largest corporations such as AT&T, DuPont, Celanese, UPS, 3M Corporation, and Lockheed Martin.  The questions that most often drive the search for a new business location is whether the candidate location has the workforce needed, and a workforce analysis has been a key component of the site searches conducted for these clients.  Senior human resource executives from among corporate clients assisted in refining this methodology and report format.  Companies making location decisions based upon these surveys have reported that when staffing actually began, the numbers reported by The Pathfinders proved to be accurate.

In a poll of its corporate clients, The Pathfinders found that those clients' experiences suggest that less than 10% of the new hires for new operations come from the ranks of the unemployed.  Instead, these clients and other companies staff a new operation principally with individuals who are working but who desire better jobs and who appear to possess the skills, education, and experience to qualify them for those better jobs.  By that definition, those individuals can be considered "underemployed" and are identified as such in this report.  ...The Pathfinders was retained to quantify the extent to which underemployment exists in the area, as well as to document the cost, skills, experience, and education of that hidden workforce.  This report represents the objective and professional view of The Pathfinders with regard to workforce availability, cost, skills, and quality that a new employer can expect in the Rutherford County area.

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